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Your Reliable Tow Assistance in Dublin, Georgia

Rhodes Towing and Roadside: Your Go-To Towing Service in Dublin, Georgia!

Who do you call for tow assistance during unfortunate circumstances on the road? Rely on Rhodes Towing and Roadside for we are prepared to be dispatched around-the-clock! Based in Dublin, Georgia, we are your dependable partner for all towing and roadside needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing prompt and professional services, ensuring you get back on the road safely in no time. Whether it's a vehicle breakdown, flat tire, or emergency towing, we've got you covered. Trust Rhodes Towing and Roadside for unparalleled reliability and customer satisfaction!

Our Services

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Local Towing

Quick and efficient towing within Dublin, GA.


Long-Distance Towing

Safe transport to destinations beyond Dublin.


Flatbed Towing

 Secure transportation for specialty vehicles or low-clearance cars.


Motorcycle Towing

Specially equipped to handle motorcycle transport.


Emergency Towing

Fast assistance for urgent towing needs.


Winching and Recovery

Assistance for vehicles stuck off-road or in difficult situations.


Battery Jump-Start

Get your dead battery up and running again.


Flat Tire Change

 Swift tire replacement with your spare.


Fuel Delivery

We'll bring fuel to you if you run out on the road.


Lock Out

We are here for regular or emergency lockout service, so you can depend on someone at any day and night.

Towing Appointment

Need a Tow? Reserve Your Appointment with Rhodes Towing and Roadside!


What My Clients Say

I prefer Rhodes Towing and Roadside's towing services over those of any other company. It is uncommon to find a company that employs people who are as skilled, amiable, and pleasant.

Thomas Palmer

Towing Service Customer

I wish to express my gratitude to Rhodes Towing and Roadside for their prompt assistance during these trying times. I would recommend them to my co-workers and family.

Chloe Porter

Roadside Assistance Customer

The mechanic was very nice, informative, and we had a fun conversation. They look like a respectable business, therefore I'd suggest them to everyone I know.

Peter Simpson

Co-Founder at Globe

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(478) 205-6968

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